Gulberg Green AGM 2024 | 4th Schedule &Converted File Balloting

Wait is over, Gulberg Green AGM (Annual Grand Meeting) 2024 has announced. Additionally, I want to draw attention to the Gulberg Green latest news as well as all of the Gulberg AGM’s contents. Likewise, there are very close chances of 4th Schedule and Converted Plot’s Balloting.

Additionally, the management of IBECHS has decided to call the AGM by passing a circular on December 31, 2024.

IBECHS Gulberg AGM 2024

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Officially, The IBECHS AGM 2024 will take place on Monday. On January 15th, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. in the K Block Pak Secretariat parking area in Islamabad.

The main agenda items for the Gulberg AGM 2024 are listed below.


  1. After the Recitation of Holy Book, the details and approval of development work including Electricity, Sui Gas, Water Supply, of Pakistan Town Phase I, Phase II, and Gulberg Islamabad .
  2. Approval of Annual Audit report 2022-23.
  3. Beginning on July 14, 2023, approval of all decisions made by the management committee. This includes the allocation of new memberships and transfers revenue.
  4. The Approval of the land exchange with residential and commercial plots based on previous agreements, as well as the land accession status of Gulberg Islamabad.
  5. Details of Gulberg Greens (Revised and Extended) LOP from CDA.
  6. Affiliations of Gulberg Greens Islamabad based on agreements and other matters in which specifics of land development affiliation fees are collected.
  7. Furthermore,Explanation of Dream Heights Expenses and dues received from IBECHS members as well as removal of Fast Track and further considerations.
  8. Details of Land acquired for new Blocks i.e A Executive II, A Executive Premium, E and F Executive Blocks.
  9. Details of new block A Executive 2, A Executive Premium, E and F Executive Block through Star Marketing.  Meanwhile,Due to a lack of funding, C Block Gulberg Residencia, A Block Compound, and Plots were sold at market prices and allocated to land providers, contractors, and developers.
  10. Approval of Mega Mall, D Markaz, Markaz II Block T,  and the auction of A Executive Premium Commercials. Details of last sold commercials.
  11. Hiring a company to install Gulberg Lake’s water treatment facility.
  12. An Explanation of IBECHS Welfare Committee for Disable, Martyrs etc. Apart from this, step taken for weddings, Burton, Medical, Day Care Center, IB Women Employees will discuss.
  13. The initiative taken to provide educational scholarships to the families of IBECHS employees.
  14. Management Committee 2024 Elections approval.
  15. Following, careful deliberation, approval of any agenda that the president of IBECHS or its members present.


Attendees of the AGM are not permitted to be irrelevant. Particularly, The launch will be open to all IBECHS members, however this AGM is only for serving and retired members.

+92333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 


We are expecting the announcement call of balloting. Lets see what happens next. Although, Balloting is entirely based on Gulberg Society. But we can’t give guarantee before the AGM meeting. Call us to know more about Gulberg 4th file balloting, or visit SECTOR LAND office.


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