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Gulberg Residencia A Executive II Deal

In this article, I would like to talk about the Gulberg Green Islamabad A Executive 2 & A Executive-Premium Payment plan 2024. Freshly, IBECHS has announced Plots on installments in Gulberg A Exe-2, A Exe-Premium, E Exe, and F Exe (1,2,3 & 4) Blocks. A three-year simple instalment plan is available. In addition, The residential plot sizes are 5 Marla, 6 Marla 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal likewise.

Recently, CDA (Capital Development Authority) has also approved the layout plan of AE-2, AE-Premium, E Exe, and F Exe Blocks.

In fact, for the first time, the Gulberg Society announced a balloted plots that can be bought with just a 30% downpayment.

گلبرگ اسلام آباد

Islamabad Gulberg Green is a CDA Approved Society. In comparison, Gulberg is one of Islamabad’s top five NOC Approved societies. For the same reason, get ready to meet every luxury imaginable. Gulberg Islamabad, located in the capital’s center, is set to offer affordable magnificent living indeed.

In detail, let’s go through the location, plot prices, plot sizes, installment duration, and payment plan simultaneously.

گلبرگ اسلام آباد اور سٹار مارکیٹنگ نے نئی ڈیل کی پیشکش۔

Gulberg A Exe 2 & A Exe-Premium Installment Plan 2024:

The Master Plan of newly launched A Executive 2 Block includes Five marla, Seven marla, Ten marla, One Kanal, and Two Kanal residential plots respectively. Additionally, Plots are available on a first come, first served basis.

Let’s go over the further payment plan for each category individually,

Gulberg A Executive-2 & A Executive-Premium (5 Marla) Payment Plan:

The AE 2 & AE-Premium 5 marla (25 x 50) payment plan is stated below,

The Total Price of 5 Marla Plot is: 5,500,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 1,650,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 55,000
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 330,000
  • On Possession: 385,000

Meanwhile, you may download an image uploaded below for contact details. +92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Gulberg AE-II & A Exe-Premium 6 Marla Installment Plan:

To illustrate the AE-2 and AE-Premuim 6 marla (30 x 50) Installment Plan is given below,

The total cost of 6 Marla Plot is: 6,500,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 1,950,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 65,000
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 390,000
  • On Possession: 455,000

Gulberg AE-2 & AE-Premium 7 Marla Installment Plan:

To illustrate the AE-II & AE-Premium Block 7 marla (30 x 60) Installment Plan is given below,

The total cost of 7 Marla (30 x 60) Plot is: 7,500,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 2,250,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 75,000
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 450,000
  • On Possession: 525,000

You can also ask us questions about the project details at the same time: +92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Gulberg A Executive-II & A Executive-Premium Payment Plan Of 10 Marla:

To demonstrate the 10 Marla A Exe-II & A-Exe Premium payment plan is revealed below,

The actual rate of 10 Marla (35 x 70) Plot is: 9,000,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 2,700,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 90,000
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 540,000
  • On Possession: 630,000

+92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Gulberg A Executive-II & A Executive-Premium Payment Plan Of 12 Marla:

To demonstrate the 12 Marla AE-II & AE-Premium payment plan is revealed below,

The actual rate of 12 Marla (40 x 80) Plot is: 12,250,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 3,675,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 122,500
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 735,000
  • On Possession: 857,500

A Executive-II & A Exe-Premium 1 Kanal Payment Plan:

The Gulberg A Exe-II & A-Exe Premium (1 Kanal) installment plan is discussed accordingly,

1 Kanal (50 x 90) Plot cost is: 17,500,000

  • 30% Downpayment is: 5,250,000
  • 33 Monthly Installment is: 175,000
  • 5 Half-yearly Installment is: 1,050,000
  • On Possession: 1,225,000

Hurry to take advantage of this opportunity because bookings will soon be closed. +92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Most importantly, Book your plot before the deal ends .+92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Special Note:

Moreover, There are additional charges for Main Road, Corner, and Park Facing Categories, thus 15% for a Double Category and 10% for a Single Category. For example, the Park Facing plot will be charged 10% more, while the Main Boulevard + Corner plot would be charged 15% more.

Consequently, The Society has also offered a 10% discount on successive lump sum payments and a 3% discount on 50% payments.

 Surprisingly, a special discount for Star Club Card holders is Rs: 100,000/-

Gulberg A Executive 2  Map:

Finally, the Provisional Master Plan Of Gulberg A Executive 2 Map is here. You can now download and view the entire map of residential blocks.

For further details: +92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Map & Location

Gulberg A Executive 2, E Exe & F Exe Map PDF Download:

This time, Now you can access the entire map from the Gulberg Deals website or you can save the image shown below.

Map Of Gulberg A Executive 2

Of course, Bookings are open for a limited time only, +92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 

Gulberg A Executive 2 Location:

Gulberg land department has acquired additional land beyond Gulberg Residencia A Executive Block. As I explained in my previous post, it’s the very first block of Gulberg Residencia which is adjacent to AE 2 Block.

Moreover, The intervals of the A Executive II block are as follows

  • Ideal Location
  • Easy Access to Islamabad Expressway
  • Besides, Close to Malls & shopping complexes
  • All amenities in your range
  • Different cutting plots
  • Above all, 3 year installment plan
  • Limited time offer
  • Islamabad Expressway is a 10-minute drive away.
  • Just 5 Minutes from Ripha Medical University
  • Gulberg D Markaz is 7 minutes away.

Gulberg A Executive 2 Nearby Landmarks:

Besides, The nearby benchmarks in AE II are as follows

  • Ripha Medical University Gulberg Campus
  • Downtown Commercial Gulberg Greens
  • Gulberg Green Farmhouses
  • Gulberg Dream Heights Apartments
  • Knowledge Village
  • D-Markaz Gulberg Residencia

Documents Required For Booking:

The required documents as of right now are shown below

  • Two Passport Size Pictures
  • A Valid CNIC Copy
  • A Photocopy of the Nominee
  • Contact Number and Email Address too
  • For Overseas clients, a photocopy of NICOP or Passport.

Comparison Between Gulberg AE 2 & 4th File:

Let’s find the difference between Gulberg A Executive 2 deal with the 4th file installment Schedule as a result.

  1. When booking A Executive II plots, there is no transfer charge, however, the 4th Schedule does.
  2. Although, You do not have to pay tax on A Executive II, but you must pay tax on the contrary in the fourth file.
  3. Undoubtedly, The required downpayment for an A Executive II Booking is 10%, while for the fourth file transfer, the minimum downpayment is 50%.
  4. In short, The balloted plot will be available in Gulberg Islamabad rather than the Fourth Schedule.
  5. Lastly, The total price of residential plots in AE II is higher than the 4th file up against.

After all, the New deal of Gulberg 2024 has even more advantages than the 4th Schedule. Because Gulberg owns both deals, conversely, investment in both schedules is equally important.

In brief, for assistance feel free to call us, +92 333 4441068 / +92 312 3333056 


To sum up, Gulberg Green society is a safe place for investors to get higher profit margins. Firstly, Star Marketing (Pvt)Ltd. has signed an MOU with IBECHS. Secondly, a balloted plot is available for a 30% advance payment. Thirdly, reserve your allocated plot in Gulberg Green Islamabad with the number of your choice. Hence, a golden opportunity like this comes once in a while.

In the end, Want to know what’s more? Call our specialist in the meantime,
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