Gulberg Green Islamabad Updated Map 2024

The Gulberg Green Islamabad Map has an area of 70,000 kanals. In this topic, we will discuss the master plan, map, and layout plan of Gulberg Islamabad. This is divided into two sections, Gulberg Green and Gulberg Residencia. Gulberg Green covers forty thousand Kanal of Farmhouses, whereas Gulberg Residencia covers thirty thousand Kanal of Residential plots.

Gulberg Greens 2024 Updated Map & Master Plan

As a result, the Gulberg Green Map is one of Islamabad’s largest maps with an area of 70,000 kanals. The Gulberg Green Map is the only map with a farmhouse area of 40,000 kanals. This map is officially approved by CDA (Capital Development Authority). Interestingly, All the commercial Banks are available in Gulberg Green.

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Following are the areas that cover the Gulberg Green Map

  • Gulberg Blue Area
  • Mega Mall Commercial
  • Five-Star Hotels
  • Downtown Commercial
  • Business Park
  • Business Square
  • Civic Center
  • Customized International Universities
  • Assigned Sports Stadium
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Exclusive Sports Complex
  • Knowledge Village
  • 55 Kanal Telenor Headquarter
  • Special Space for Multinational Companies
  • IBECHS Headoffice
  • Commercial Banks
  • International Schools
  • Public Health Educational Institutes
  • 40 Kanal Dedicated space for the hospital
  • 93 Kanal Public Building
  • Golf Club
  • Mosque
  • 218 Kanals Graveyard

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Gulberg Green Temperature:

Gulberg Green is the only society in Pakistan in which 80% of the area is covered with greenery. Only 20% of the overall building area is permitted for farmhouse development. That is why the temperature of Gulberg green is 2 degrees less than the neighbour societies.

Gulberg Green Google Map 2024:

Gulberg Green Map PDF Download 2024:

The Gulberg Green Map’s latest and most updated PDF file of the CDA-approved project is available for download below.

Gulberg Green Map PDF  file.


The Gulberg Green Map jpeg image can be downloaded here.

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Official Map Of Gulberg Green Islamabad

Additionally, you can click on Gulberg seerab maps to view the actual location of Gulberg Green Islamabad society.

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